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Abigail Adams

American Scribe

Austin Pen

Bonhomme Richard

Botanical Scribe

Douglass Pen

Emily Austin

Geographica Script

Houston Pen

Lamar Pen

Military Scribe

Old Man Eloquent

Remsen Script

Schooner Script

Texas Hero

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Cedar Street


Oak Street




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New Millennium

New Millennium Linear

New Millennium Sans



TWT Pavane

TWT Prospero

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Antiquarian Scribe



Geographica Hand

Geographica Script

Terra Ignota

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Attic Antique




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Corsiva Italica




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Baskerville Caps

Rococo Titling

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Speed Bump


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February Special!

This month we’re giving away a free copy of our Geographica Hand font with any order. No discount code required—simply buy any other font (or fonts) before March 01, 2024, and you’ll also get a free download link to this an accurate replication of the vintage handlettering on engraved British maps of the 1700s (a $39 value). Has nearly 800 glyphs, including scads of period ligatures, cartographic ornaments, and full Latin support.

Emily Austin, handwriting of a 19th century woman

OldFonts Historical Library font

Random Discounted Bundle…

Our OldFonts Historical Library™ comprises 25 typefaces (34 fonts total) modeled after genuine historical source matter, i.e., vintage cursive script, antique text type, and cartographic lettering (and ornaments) from the 1700s and 1800s. All come with OpenType features, plenty of period flourishes, and full Latin support. Choose this bundle to save 60% off the price of licensing these faces separately. View Details »

Emily Austin font

Random Historical Pen…

Our Emily Austin™ font replicates the hand of the indominable Emily Austin (Bryan) Perry, one of the children of Moses Austin, of Austinville, Virginia. Like her famous brother, Stephen F. Austin, she settled in Texas as one of that region’s earliest colonists. In her travels, she wrote many a letter home to her husband—each showing her distinctively compact, legible, cursive hand. Try it out here »

TWT Pavane font

Random Book Text…

Lars Bergquist modeled his TWT Pavane font after Jean Jannon’s Caractères de l’université of 1621—but added adaptations (such as an increased x-height) to serve more modern uses. One of his two Garamond-style serifs (the other being Sarabande), this two-style family yet remains more in keeping with the French Renaissance look. A member of our discounted Book Texts bundle. Try it out here »

Bonnycastle font

Random Old Map Font…

The eponymous Bonnycastle™ replicates the bold, italic hand-lettering on the charts and maps of Sir Richard Henry Bonnycastle (1791–1847), an English officer and military engineer who served in the War of 1812 and settled in Canada. Comes with small caps, bunches of ligatures, stylistic alternates, and full Latin support. A member of both our Old Map Fonts Collection and Display Faces CollectionTry it out here »

Paestum font

Random Display Face…

Sekhmet, named for the lion-headed war goddess of ancient Egypt, does indeed have a sort of feline, forward-directed energy. Noteworthy are the slight slope of its book-weight Roman and its calligraphic Italic. A multi-use display face, Sekhmet nevertheless also works well in (especially larger) text blocks. A member of our discounted Display Faces bundle. Try it out here »

Marydale font

Random Modern Handwritten Font…

Marydale has three weights, Regular, Bold, and Black. It also has a particularly personable nature, rather like a chatty best friend. Better yet, it has a set of powerful OpenType features—true small capitals, dozens of ligatures, a less quirky stylistic set, and support for Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic languages. Among our most popular typefaces, and a member of our Modern Handwritten Fonts CollectionTry it out here »

Broadsheet font

Random Antique Text Font…

Broadsheet™ is a two-style family that simulates the type on printed matter from the Colonial American period. Modeled after the text on actual 18th-century broadsides, this font gives you more double-s ligatures than you can dream of. Comes with true small caps, contextual and discretionary alternates, genuine period printer’s flourishes, and full Latin support. Try it out here »

Chromosome font

Random Offbeat Font…

Chromosome pretty much exactly replicates the look you get on 1960’s-era labelmaker labels. The font has four styles: Light, Heavy, Reversed Light, and Reversed Heavy. (The latter two knock the text out of whatever color label you specify.) It’s got only uppercase characters, but it does offer support for Central and Eastern European languages. A member of our Offbeat Grab Bag bundle. Try it out here »

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Historical Script and Text Fonts
Historical Fonts
Schooner Script


“[Treefrog] is a real mess and breaks all the rules and I love it.”
—P.M., Palatine IL

“Well done on preserving the old ways of writing—they wrote and spoke so much nicer than we do now.”
—A.K., Adelaide, S. Australia

“I'm always on the lookout for handwriting fonts that look more like handwriting than fonts. I've always relied on Texas Hero, Schooner Script, and Emily Austin and was very happy to see Lamar Pen and American Scribe.”
—A.L., Los Angeles CA

“I'm a collector of 19th century antiques and photographs, and like to make labels and scrapbooks using fonts that fit the period of my items. I've even tried to learn the penmanship myself using dip pens... your fonts will make it so much easier!”
—P.M., Palatine IL

“This is a fantastic resource and the fonts are beautiful!”
—C.B., Bethesda MD

“I think [Texas Hero] is amazing. It is incredibly beautiful and in my opinion looks very authentic.”
—E.H., Brookline MA

“Your period-style handwriting fonts remain the very best I've ever found. Thanks for your most excellent contributions to American typography!”
—A.L., Los Angeles CA


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