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Abigail Adams

American Scribe

Austin Pen

Botanical Scribe

Douglass Pen

Emily Austin

Geographica Script

Houston Pen

Lamar Pen

Military Scribe

Old Man Eloquent

Remsen Script

Schooner Script

Texas Hero

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Cedar Street


Oak Street




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New Millennium

New Millennium Linear

New Millennium Sans



TWT Pavane

TWT Prospero

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Antiquarian Scribe



Geographica Hand

Geographica Script

Terra Ignota

 Antique Texts »

Attic Antique




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Corsiva Italica




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Baskerville Caps

Rococo Titling

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Speed Bump


Historical Fonts
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Discounted Bundles : Handwritten History Bundle
Three Islands Press  Handwritten History Bundle™ $149* Order the Handwritten History Bundle 
Copyright: ©1993–2015 by Three Islands Press
Designer: Brian Willson
Includes 20 typefaces: Abigail Adams ($39), Antiquarian Scribe ($39), Botanical Scribe ($39), Cedar Street ($39), Douglass Pen ($39), Emily Austin ($39), Houston Pen ($39), Lamar Pen ($39), Marydale Bold ($29), Military Scribe ($39), Oak Street ($29), Old Man Eloquent Regular ($29), Professor ($39), Pumpkinseed Heavy ($19), Remsen Script ($39), Schooner Script ($39), Terra Ignota ($39), Texas Hero ($39), Treefrog ($39), Viktorie ($39)

*A savings of $581

Handwritten History Bundle

Handwritten History Bundle“Write like they used to” is one of our mottos around here—but exactly when are we talking about? The changing nature of handwriting over the years got us thinking that penmanship and/or history enthusiasts might like to have easy access to an expansive series of historical font styles at the touch of their fingertips.
    Our Handwritten History Bundle is a set of 20 authentic script fonts inspired by actual handwriting across the ages, from the hand-done lettering on antique maps, to the script on 18th-century British muster rolls, to the penmanship of famous American men and women, to the dashed-off scrawl of what might be a member of your family or friend. Where else might you find a type collection that‘ll let you write like John Quincy Adams—or the busy waitress at the local pub, depending on your mood?
All 20 are full-featured “pro” fonts, with numerous OpenType features and full Latin support. US$149.

Order the Handwritten History Bundle font online Order the Handwritten History Bundle font online

 To order the Handwritten History Bundle, choose a license and “Add” to your shopping cart.

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  Standard Desktop License 💻


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💻 Desktop License—a standard license for creating personal/commercial art, documents, and graphics.
🌐 Web License—permitting installation on a server for embedding fonts via CSS in website designs.

Discounted Bundles : Handwritten History Bundle
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Historical Script and Text Fonts
Historical Fonts
Emily Austin


“The Lamar Pen font is divine. We are using it on a novel set in the eighteenth century, and the author is ecstatic.”
—J.H., London, England

“I'm always on the lookout for handwriting fonts that look more like handwriting than fonts. I've always relied on Texas Hero, Schooner Script, and Emily Austin and was very happy to see Lamar Pen and American Scribe.”
—A.L., Los Angeles CA

“[American Scribe] is the 3rd font I have ordered from this foundry! Love them. Thanks for the good and authentic work!”
—V.B., BC, Canada

“I happened across your website completely by accident, and I was astounded by the fonts I found there. They are amazing.”
—M.S., Ontario, Canada

“Well done on preserving the old ways of writing—they wrote and spoke so much nicer than we do now.”
—A.K., Adelaide, S. Australia

“[Schooner Script is a] masterpiece.”
—A.D., Miami FL

“Thanks so much for the great service and wonderful typefaces!”
—S.F., Evanston IL


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